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Why Orthodontext

Key Integrated Features

Two-Way Messaging

Easily communicate with your patients with technology they use most. Nothing new to learn or monitor. It works right out of your email client. It is better than a team phone.


Provide instant access to a practice branded registration page. No password required. Orthodontext QuickLinks are perfect for the desktop, tablets, practice websites and patient emails.

Clickable Message Library

We have taken the guess work out of creating a dynamic ( rotating ) message. Imagine your patients getting a different message that reinforces their compliant behavior. You just set it once and the system does the rest.


Orthodontext can send a message to all patients receiving treatment reminders. A good way to announce an Orthodontext Reward program.

Dynamic Messages

Orthodontext keeps the messages fresh so patients don't get the same message every time. They can be used to inspire, reinforce good braces care and even add humor. Patients respond to them and love them.

Practice Notifications

Orthodontext is notification based. There is nothing for your staff to monitor. Orthodontext will notify the practice when patients reply, stop, start or ask a question.

Supports Contest

Orthodontext can be configured to incentivize patients to read their texts by randomly sending winning texts. Winners receive a text notifying them to call the office to claim their prize.

and more...

We are committed to customer service. We understand our success is entirely due to our great customers.
Our technical staff works seven days a week due to the amount of messages we send everyday, in case your practice or patients have a question regarding our system.
We get you started. We believe you will find that Orthodontext is amazingly simple to use, but we don't want you to waste any time getting started. Our customer success team will be glad to walk you through the system and answer any questions over the phone.

Orthodontext is designed

to work out of the box and can be customized to your practice in less than 30 minutes. Orthodontext leverages patient participation so your staff should never have to spend more than one minute per patient, for their treatment time.